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Most restaurants offer European continental cuisine, national and foreign specialties. Several restaurants offer so-called a daily menu that is available immediately and usually has a better price. There are several cafes in the city center, in the summer months with summer terraces.


Directly in Malacky, the visitor can choose from several accommodation facilities of various standards - from a four-star hotel to a tourist hostel.


The town of Malacky has a unique location at the crossroads of the most important European systems - railway, highway, airport (BA), port (BA). The road structure is preferably connected to the international one. The motorway from Bratislava to the Czech Republic passes directly through Malacky towards Prague. The bus and train stations are located next to each other, 5 minutes from the center. Travel tickets can be purchased at the train or bus station, or on the train or bus.

Malacky are connected to the road network by roads I. to III. classes passing through its territory. The I / 2 road, which runs parallel to the D2 motorway, passes through the town in the north-south direction. At present, it ensures transport relations in road transport, especially in the area between the motorway junctions Lozorno, Malacky and Kúty.

In the area of interest of the city there is also the road III / 50314 Kostolište - Gajary - the state border with Austria, which ends right on the border, without continuing to the Austrian side into its road network. A similar situation is in Záhorská Ves, where, however, the connection of road II / 503 with the Austrian road network is provided by a company. A solid bridge over Moravia has been created in the area of the Moravian St. John. Devínská Nová Ves and the Austrian village of Schlosshof are connected by a bicycle bridge, which runs along the route of the historic bridge from the time of Maria Theresa and is used to transport cyclists, hikers and, if necessary, rescue vehicles.

The city passes directly through the double-track electrified railway line 110 Prague - Bratislava, which is included in the 5th trans-European transport corridor with an estimated design speed of 140 - 160 km / h. The railway station in Malacky is station III. classes. The line branches here into 10 tracks, 2 of which are used for freight transport for loading and unloading.
Distance of Malacky from major cities and international airports and ports:
Bratislava: 38 km
Vienna ( Záhorská Ves / Angern): 63.5 km
Györ: 132 km
Bratislava - airport: 50 km
Vienna - Schwechat Airport (Bratislava): 96 km
Brno: 98 km
Bratislava - port on the Danube: 44 km

Exchange offices

Currency exchange services are provided by commercial banks in the city. Payment by card is not yet possible everywhere, it is better to carry a small amount of cash.


Slovak Republic phone code: +421

  • Area code Malaciek when calling from Slovakia: 034
  • Area code to Malaciek from abroad: +421 34
  • Information on telephone numbers: 11 88 0
  • SOS emergency call: 112
  • Police: 112 or 158
  • City: police 112 or 159 or 034 772 38 33
  • Ambulance: 112 or 155
  • Fire brigade: 112 or 150 or 034 796 91 20
  • Hospital: 034 28 29 111 or 034 28 29 124
  • Continuous emergency and emergency service for motorists: 18 123 or 18 154
  • City Office: +421 34 796 61 00
  • Tourist information office: +421 34 772 20 55, +421 911 922 055

Public holidays

During public holidays, there are several institutions, shops, monuments, restaurants, etc. closed. The change in the public transport schedule is also the same.

  • January 1 - The day of the establishment of the Slovak Republic
  • January 6 - Revelation of the Lord (Three Kings and Orthodox Christian Christmas)
  • April - Good Friday
  • April - Easter Monday
  • May 1 - Labor Day
  • May 8 - Victory Day over fascism
  • July 5 - Feast of St. Cyril and St. Method
  • August 29 - Anniversary of the Slovak National Uprising
  • September 1 - Constitution Day of the Slovak Republic
  • September 15 - Our Lady of Sorrows
  • November 1 - All Saints' Day
  • November 17 - Freedom and Democracy Day
  • December 24 - Christmas Day
  • December 25 - First Christmas holiday
  • December 26 - Second Christmas holiday