About the town

Welcome to Malacky

"Malacky - a good place to live" - this is the slogan in the official logo of the city. And he didn't get there by accident. Malacky provide excellent infrastructure, qualified workforce, stable economic situation and long-term excellent evaluation. The town Malacky have an ideal size and location. They are the heart of region DolnéZáhorie, a region between the Morava River and the Little Carpathians, which offers enormous diversity in a small area.

The visitor can find there fragrant pine forests full of mushrooms, the Morava River with a rich ecosystem and intricate history, sand dunes and natural lakes, the Little Carpathians full of castles and ruins, caves, former mining tunnels and especially hiking and biking trails. Right in Malacky, you can look back to the past, to the time when one of the most important aristocratic families in Slovakia, the Pálffy family, ruled here. They visited a unique pilgrimage site - the Holy Stairs and made a beautiful castle park.

Things worth knowing about Malacky:

Population: 18,619 inhabitants (2024)
City area: 100.45 km2
Geographical coordinates: 48 ° 26 ′ 9 ″ N, 17 ° 1 ′ 4 ″ E (48.435833 °, 17.017778 °)