Tips for trips

The landscape that surrounds the city is full of dense forests, vast fields and meadows, protected areas, lakes and ponds, old ruins and mansions, churches, chapels and many other attractions. If the town of Malacky becomes the destination of your stay, or you stop here only for a few days on the way to more distant tourist centers, after a tour of architectural and historical buildings in the city, we invite you for short walks in the vicinity.

The surrounding of Malacky is created for more and more demanding walks in nature. Dolné Záhorie as a part of Slovak-Austrian Pomerania is one of the best-preserved lowland areas in Central Europe. The Dyje - Morava river basin and the subsequent confluence of the Morava and Danube rivers include the natural character of the floodplain landscape as our ancestors knew it. The uniqueness of the area is completed by the geological subsoil formed mainly by sand sediments, the area and location of which is unique in Europe. You can go to the nearby ponds and from there to the border river Moravia, or go to the surrounding villages (Pernek, Kuchyna Rohožník, Sološnica), where several tourist circuits of the Little Carpathians begin and end.

Towns and cultural monuments

  • Malacky Manor House
  • Michal Tillner Museum
  • Synagogue in Malacky
  • Franciscan Church and Monastery (Chapel of St. Stairs, Crypt)
  • Castle Park in Stupava
  • Synagogue in Stupava
  • Ferdiš Kostka Museum in Stupava
  • Garden Gallery AM Plavecký Štvrtok
  • Habán court in Veľké Leváry
  • Marianka - a place of pilgrimage
  • Pajštún
  • Dragon castle
  • Kuchyňa castle
  • Plavecký castle

Nature trips

Protected areas in the Malacky surroundings
National nature reserves
  • Abrod (Veľké Leváre, Závod, CHKO Záhorie)
  • Červený rybník (Lakšárska Nová Ves, Borský Jur, CHKO Záhorie)
  • Dolný les (Vysoká pri Morave, CHKO Záhorie)
  • Horný les (Vysoká pri Morave, CHKO Záhorie)
  • Kršlenica (Plavecký Mikuláš, CHKO Malé Karpaty)
  • Pohanská (Plavecké Podhradie, CHKO Malé Karpaty)
  • Roštún (Plavecké Podhradie, CHKO Malé Karpaty)
  • Zelienka (CHKO Záhorie)

Nature reserves
  • Bezedné (Plavecký Štvrtok)
  • Bogdalický vŕšok (Suchohrad, CHKO Záhorie)
  • Kamenec (Plavecký Peter, CHKO Malé Karpaty)
  • Nové Pole (Plavecký Mikuláš)
  • Pod Pajštúnom (Borinka, Stupava, CHKO Malé Karpaty)
  • Šmolzie (Suchohrad, CHKO Záhorie)
  • Vysoká (Rohožník, Kuchyňa, CHKO Malé Karpaty)

Protected area
  • Bukovina (Plavecký Mikuláš, CHKO Malé Karpaty)
  • Starý rybník (Malé Leváre)

Sports and recreation

Ranches: Banarka, Indian Ranch, Abeland

Golf: Eurovalley Golf Park, Pegas Golf Club


Morava River - rafting

Cycling routes