Divadlo na Hambálku

The Amateur Theater was established on August 29, 2002 on the grounds of the Municipal Cultural Center in Malacky, which is its founder. It has about 30 members between the ages of 18 and 75. In addition to the adult ensemble, it also includes the Children's Theater Studio and the Youth Studio. The director and also the leader of the theater ensemble is Vladimír Zetek, his right hand is the assistant director Zuzana Chrustová. Libuša Čtveráková Jr. and Denisa Bogalíková takes care of the stage and costumes of the individual performances. The adult ensemble Divadlo na hambálku has rehearsed ten performances during nine theatrical seasons, all of which it has in its repertoire so far. DNH also organizes its festival - a theatrical show of amateur and professional ensembles from Slovakia and the Czech Republic called "Zejdeme sa na Hambálku. You can find more about the festival and the theater on their website:


THEATER ŽIHADLO is a star in the sky of children's theaters, founded in the magical year 2000. The theater has been growing in the new millennium, hiding 14 fairy tales, several puppets and a principal, an actor, screenwriter, songwriter Vlad Zetek and his friends. All performances of the Žihadla Theater can be performed on stage with a few lights, but also in the open air, at school and in kindergarten, in short, anywhere on the globe. It is no secret that the Žihadlo Theater is preparing a new fairy tale and certainly more and more, based on the connection of the puppet speech with a live actor, songs, joke and above all on constant cooperation with children, the best spectators in the world. In 2016, he organizes Theatrical Wandering in September - "a small family celebration of the puppet", dedicated to the memory of puppet Jonáš Jirásek. More about the theater.
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