Parks and recreation areas


The Manor House park

Almost 30 ha area providing opportunities for relaxation or active rest. Peaceful walks with observation of the local flora and fauna, sports - a decent length of trails for running (circumferential circumference 2.2 km), freely accessible playground with a paved surface in summer suitable for ball games, in winter the possibility of skating. Children's playground with a closed play area. Accessibility from the center about 10 minutes. on foot or by car the possibility of parking in the adjacent parking lots of the park.

The Three oaks

The Location is located outside the city. Available from ul. Priemyselná or ul. Pezinská. Freely accessible area for sitting by the open fire with the possibility of grilling. The atmosphere is completed by the flowing stream Malina. An interesting feature of the place is the grave of Prince Pálffy's dog.

Monastery square

Park in the city center in front of the entrance to the Roman Catholic Church. A smaller area providing rest under the old catalytic trees right in the middle of the city center.


Partizánska courtyard

Near the center (Partizánska street) closed area with a playground made of agate wood. The playground is taught for children aged 6-14. It is located on a large grassy area suitable for ball games, sitting on the lawn.


Zámocká street

Connection between Monastery square and the Manor House park. One of the last streets breathing the history of old houses.


Štúrova street

Newly renovated area of the football field freely accessible to the public.


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